We Work with Wealth Professionals . . .

to help them live their best lives so they can attract and retain more of their ideal clients.

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Successful business people sometimes live stressful lives which put their health and wellbeing at risk. By working with a Wellness Coach, our clients have found that they are:
  • more productive at work
  • living a fuller and more balanced life
  • naturally attracting more of what they consider to be their "ideal" clients.

"People are attracted to the people they like."

"I'm no good if my life is out of whack."

"I'm in a relationship business - how is someone going to believe I can help them live their best life if I'm not leading by example?"

We Work with Recent Retirees . . .

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who never anticipated how retirement could impact their health and wellbeing.​​

"I never realized how much I relied on work for my social life."​​​​

"Sure, I could have played golf everyday or figured out how to volunteer my time but, truth is, I really needed help getting (and staying) motivated."

"By working with Joselyn, I benefited from structure and accountability which helped me make the most of my entry into retirement." 

What Clients are Saying about
Joselyn's Coaching

"Joselyn has no agenda but you"

"You are always patient and encouraging. And you always make sure that we get through the session on time and check all the boxes."
"I am reminded of and experience the value of someone else listening to you...making plans to another person certainly helps motivate me to get things done.​​​​"

Joselyn Hall, Founder

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